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The Virtual Classroom is a simulated real-time classroom environment wherein students and faculty login at the comfort of their home / office location and directly interact online over the internet. Your monitor is like the blackboard. Through state-of-the-art audio / video streaming, students can speak to the faculty, chat, write on the monitor screen, take notes and even see the professor while he / she is teaching online.

Our virtual classroom software is best accessible with Windows (Vista and above) and on various browsers (Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome). We recommend that you install the latest version of these browsers while accessing our software. Since our virtual classroom has the audio-video streaming feature, you need an internet connection that supports these features. In short, if you can comfortably play a 'YouTube video' on your system, you would have no problem gaining access to our streaming software.

Choose any of the sample videos below to get a feel how the interactive classroom works.

Subject NameSample Video
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Civils Cracking Strategy By Mr. Babu, AIR-266, CSE-2010
Public Administration
Telugu Literature
General Studies
Prelims - GS
Mathematics - II




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